Sunday, January 20, 2008

Everyone Ages But Titus

Bailey, why are you back at home? Did you drop out?

Drop out? Oh no, not me. I'm here for the party. Plus I want to improve my relationship with Grand T, inheritance money is a good thing. Can't have too much money, ya know.
What a change Armond, what a change.

Distinguished, I am very distinguished. There is nothing wrong with having some gray hair now. Look at my dad, he has been gray FOREVER it seems.
Trina, you changed also.

Elegant my dear, elegant. *whispers* Did you know that Titus has gone through another bottle of elixer? Yep, yep he has...I need to call my friends!
Bailey, what were you thinking? You know that thing shocked all your relatives when they come around. Why did you think you could steal the gnome? *snicker, gotta love mean sims* You almost made it to the greenhouse before it got you. Almost...
Step away from the well Titus! Step away! Stop wishing for love, you have enough loves right now. *thinks of the new assortment of sim selves in the game* Fine then, go ahead and let's see who pops out.
Asimwen? What are you doing here? Why are you showing up out of the well?

Where are the Anatothians? I heard there were some here. I need to check their DNA. Are they pure? Can they speak with their minds? You haven't mutated them, have you? I know how you like to play with the genetics....
This is how you look for Anatothians?

Titus has some secret information he wants to share with me. He said he is only willing to show me in the hot tub.

*snicker* I'm so glad you are a townie...*whispers* I'm winning at TSR....*snicker*
For the love of lhamas Titus, how much elixer have you had? You never seem to age really...
What did you find there Trina?

We updated the photo album today with everyone's family pictures. You want to see them all?




Rachel, why is it you only show up at Alex's house?

Puppies! They have puppies! I have an awesome dog legacy in my game and wanted to check out yours...what is up with yours? Why aren't they breeding??

Breeding? This family does good to keep the dogs from running away due to fighting. Mean sims have mean aggresive dogs...*sigh*